Our Available German Shorthaired Pointers

For more information about any of our dogs call Kris at (719) 429-1435 or email her at kris@rockymtngsp.org.


The Huntress

Macy is the full package. Beautiful, smart, and a wonderful friend. Macy came to us about a year ago, pregnant, with her kennel mate. Macy gave us our beautiful River who has turned out to be the best tempered boy ever! He can only thank his mama for these fantastic genes. But don't let that squishy face fool you. Macy is a workin' gal! Macy would love to go hunting. She points, stalks and gets super excited anytime she sees a bird. Macy has not been evaluated yet but she has the drive and the know-how to be a hunter. Macy is very friendly and happy towards people but can be selective when it comes to other dogs. She does best with a younger male. Macy is about 7 years old, is spayed and up to date on her vaccines. Macy is kennel and house trained, she walks strong on a leash and does know several commands. Macy's ideal home would be to go to someone who is interested in hunting but also someone who is in need of an in-home faithful friend and companion. ADOPTION FEE: $300


Brandy didn't start out life in the best way. Brandy was locked up in a crate for up to 15 hours a day. Brandy's original purpose for her owners was to hunt. But once Brandy got out of her crate, hunting was the last thing on her mind. Brandy just wanted to run and chase bunnies! Brandy is very prey driven and gets super excited around small dogs, little furry animals and cats. Brandy cannot go to a home where there are cats, small animals or small dogs - NO EXCEPTIONS! Brandy was later dropped off at Denver Dumb Friends League once she learned how to escape from her crate. Brandy does not suffer from any anxieties due to her past and is crate trained (she doesn't even challenge her crate). Brandy is a very bouncy 3 year old spayed female. She is up to date on vaccines and is waiting for her new home! ADOPTION FEE: $300


Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix - VERY CUTE!

Mouse is a very shy, cute little border collie/blue heeler mix. She came to us from Kansas as a stray and was said to be a pointer mix. Mouse loves to herd! She will round up her kennel mates and proudly announce that she has done so. Mouse would make a great companion to anyone who wants a friend. She is sweet and loving and loves to be pet. Mouse is a leaper and will jump over a fence. We are hoping that once Mouse finds a place to call her own, this habit will disappear. But in the meantime, Mouse requires a very secure fence. Mouse is not high energy and would do well in an apartment as long as she gets out on daily walks. Mouse is spayed and up to date on vaccines. Mouse is looking for her new fur-ever home! ADOPTION FEE: DONATION!


Must be an only dog!

Sassy girl is definitely sassy! She is a very proud girl who enjoys doing her own thing. Sassy is about 3 years old and came to us from Kansas where she was dropped off at the shelter due to her owner no longer wanting her. Sassy has been in several homes in her short life and is now having a hard time trusting that she will no longer be bounced around. Sassy is a calm girl, walks great on a leash. Sassy DOES NOT like other dogs and must go to a home where she will be the only dog. ADOPTION FEE: $300

Pongo & Perdita

Needs to stay together

Pongo & Perdita are two mixed breed dogs that came to us from New Mexico. These two love each other! They will lay with one another and nuzzle each other. Thought to be litter mates, both about 2-3 years old. Pongo & Perdita are thought to be maybe a Dalmatian and English Pointer cross, but its hard to say. These two are very friendly and are just aching for attention. They sit in front of you waiting for a pet after their breakfast. These two are not the best with other dogs and would love to be in a home, together, with no one else but their people to love on them. Pongo & Perdita are both fixed. To encourage that Pongo & Perdita stay together, we are not asking for an adoption fee, just a donation to help care for the other dogs. ADOPTION FEE: Donation