Our Available German Shorthaired Pointers

For more information about any of our dogs call Kris at (719) 429-1435 or email her at kris@rockymtngsp.org.


Adoption Fee: $75

Cody is a great dog that has been with me for far to long. He is sweet, affectionate and low-key. He is the kind of guy who'd just like to hang out, go for a walk and hang out some more. Cody is an older guy, about 9yrs, but still has energy to do all the things the youngsters can. Cody wants to connect with someone and be apart of someones life. Cody loves to get loved on, brushed and talked to. Cody would love to be an only dog. He is not aggressive towards other dogs, but being an older guy, I think he'd appreciate not having to share his space and people in his older years.



Bella is a young, 2.5 y/o Female GSP. She is a great, little dog that needs a home that is going to take her out and run off her energy! Bella would be a great dog for anyone who is an avid runner/hiker or Mountain Biker. Bella has a great personality and an attitude to match it. Everyone is Bella's friend, she knows no stranger. Bella does well in the home, walk decent on leash and even knows some of the basic commands. Even though Bella has high energy needs, she is still a very easy dog to handle and be around. She would be perfect for anyone who is wanting to start the GSP lifestyle. Bella's only draw back is, she likes to jump fences. Additional fencing requirements are a must if you are wanting to adopt Bella.


Adoption Fee: $150

Toby is a big bloppy boy! He is all puppy! He smiles with his eyes and loves to just hang out. Toby has been at my rescue for about a year and on one has shown interest in him. Toby is a very low-key guy and would love a home where he can just hang out and be scratched on. He would make the perfect dog for anyone who wants the pit bull-type of dog without the pitty attitude. He's just a big love who'd make the perfect bed warmer for the winter!



Dolly is a super cute little pittie mix. She's been at my rescue for about a year. Dolly is more submissive and shy, but she may grow out of that in a home. Dolly is crate trained and walks decent on leash. She is friendly towards people, but does have a tendency to be more shy. I can tell Dolly would make a great family pet! She is so sweet and super cute!


Adoption Fee: $400

Coal is a super adorable 16wk-ish GSP puppy. He is a bit shy, but comes around quickly. He was a stray, along with his 10 brothers and sisters, found in a field in New Mexico. Coal is a survivor of parvo virus. He recovered quickly and is a bouncy baby boy once again. Coal has had his first set of puppy shots and is ready to find is new home!



Fudge is a super bouncy, playful and boisterous GSP puppy. He is approximately 16wks old and is ready to explore! Fudge is very outgoing and is ready to make the connection with his new forever home. Fudge came in as a rescue from New Mexico. He was found with his 10 brother and sisters in a field. Fudge was exposed to Parvovirus, but never showed symptoms. He is healthy and not contagious, there is no worry with him! Fudge is a bit camera shy, but he has the most adorable face!