Our Available German Shorthaired Pointers

For more information about any of our dogs call Kris at (719) 429-1435 or email her at kris@rockymtngsp.org.


Melissa is a gorgeous four-year old spayed English Pointer. She is one of the five English Pointers we took in after the tragic loss of her one and only owner. Melissa has a strong personality and definitely was the alpha to the pack. She loves people and greets everyone with a happy, wagging tail. Melissa is a trained hunting dog, with the comment made by her deceased owner's daughter that Melissa was his best hunting dog. Melissa is crate trained, supposedly house trained, walks on leash.


Sophia is a wonderful four-year old spayed female English Pointer. She is one of the five English Pointers we took into rescue after the tragic loss of her one and only owner. Sophia is a lighthearted, goofy girl who will offer her paw to you. Sophia walks on leash, is crate trained, supposedly house trained. She can be a little territorial of her "space" with other dogs, but has not acted out. Sophia will need to go to a home with a very secure fence, as she sometimes get bored and jumps the fence to see what is all going on. Doesn't go anywhere, just checking out the scenery.


Duke is new to Rescue. He is an approximately three-year old neutered black and white GSP. He comes to us from Salina, Kansas. He is doing fine in meeting all the other dogs with no issues whatsoever. He is crate trained, walks on leash. Duke comes when you call him everytime. He is a nice dog that is settling into the routine quickly. Watch for more updates as we get to know Duke better.


Special Needs - Epileptic

Hank is a nice, young (around one year-old) neutered male GSP. He came to us from Newton, Kansas where he was picked up as a stray. Hank is working on understanding the concept of being crate trained; he is not house trained. Hank walks wonderfully on a leash and comes when called. Hank has epilepsy that is controlled by medication. He just needs to take his medicine everyday, twice a day. Since he's been diagnosed and started on phenobarbitol there have been no seizures. He is lively, loves other dogs, likes people, and likes to play and just hang out. This is a young dog that needs structure in his life. He adapts well to routine. POSTED: 9/9/2015 $300

Eight Ball

Eight Ball is a fun-loving, high energy four-year old neutered English Pointer. He is intense and powerful. Loves people and greets with a happy, wagging tail. Walks on leash, supposedly is house trained, he is crate trained. He is the only male to the group of English Pointers we took into rescue following the tragic loss of his one and only owner. Eight Ball is a trained hunting dog.



Brandy needs a home! She has been with us for over a year and not too many people are interested in her. Why you ask? Because Brandy is going to be a challenge. She did not start her life out very well. She ended up in an apartment home spending up to 15 hours in a crate 6 days a week from a baby pup up until last year. Brandy was turned into Denver Dumb Friends League because she finally broke free from her crate and destroyed the apartment. Because of Brandy's upbringing, she does suffer from anxiety and is under socialized. She is a true rescue dog. I don't believe Brandy was ever abused, just neglected. Brandy still enjoys the company of people and also enjoys being around other dogs. Brandy does not do well with small animals such as small dogs and cats. She must go to a home where she is with other animals her size. She also does not do well with livestock. Brandy has a ton of energy. She would be the perfect running companion for someone who runs a lot of miles. Brandy needs someone who is willing to work with her and her anxieties. Despite being locked in a crate for long hours, Brandy is crate trained and walks great on a leash. She comes when called each time. If your heart enjoys healing damaged spirits, then Brandy is the perfect dog for you! She is only 4 years old and has her whole life in front of her. She needs someone who is wanting to expose her to everything this world has to offer her. Brandy has had a hard start to life and is now looking for the perfect home to heal her past. Brandy is up to date on her vaccines and is heartworm negative. She is also spayed. Adoption Fee: $150 -- This adoption fee is negotiable. Brandy deserves the very best home I can find her and I realize that taking on a dog like her will come with much expense.



Roscoe is an ADORABLE 1 1/2 year old English Pointer. He comes from Salina, KS where he was found as a stray. Roscoe is everything you'd want in a young dog. He is athletic, friendly and loves to just hang out with people. Roscoe would make a wonderful companion for anyone who is outdoorsy and enjoys hiking and biking, or even if you're just interested in going to the dog parks. Roscoe gets along with all other dogs and plays well. He loves attention from people and just melts like butter when you pet him. He is a very sweet boy, but like all English Pointers, can be a bit aloof. His shyness does not last for long, once you start petting him, he warms up quickly. Roscoe is up to date on his vaccines, heartworm tested and is ready for his new home! He is crate trained, which means introduction to a house will be relatively easy. He walks decently on a leash. Like all young dogs, Roscoe does need obedience training. He knows the very basics, such as come-when-called. It is unknown how he is with cats. Adoption Fee: $300


Suess is an approximately 6-8 year old male GSP. Suess is an owner surrender and came to us from Hutchinson, KS. This big boy LOVES people - all people! He can't get anough of people time and prefers that over the companionship of another dog. Suess likes to play fetch and will do so as long as you keep tossing him the ball to fetch. He came to us from the shelter with a supply of tennis balls. He is crate trained and probably housetrained. Suess walks on leash pretty well and seems to be a nice dog in all he does. He has scarring on/around his head. No idea what happened. Fully vetted and ready to find a new home. So come on down and meet Suess today! ADOPTION FEE: $300


AKA Dookey-Boy

Duke is a wonderful, sweet 10 year old boy. He came to us as an owner surrender from Colorado Springs. His owner had a tragic life change and couldn't provide Duke the loving home he so deserves. Duke used to be a hunter. When I picked him up, his owner showed me his entire baby book which included the many pictures of Duke sitting proudly next to the many pheasants he retrieved. Duke has always been a pampered boy and he sure does miss it! Despite his age, he is still spunky and full of energy! He still might even hunt every once in awhile! Duke is current on his vaccines and is heartworm negative. He is neutered and ready to warm your feet! Duke does have a large lipoma on the right side of his chest. It is benign and doesn't seem to bother him during movement. Adoption Fee: $300


Lana is a 3 year old Pointer/Lab mix that was surrendered to us from a family in Pueblo. Lana's original owner passed away and the daughter wasn't able to keep Lana. Lana can be a bit stand-offish and will bark at strangers. But once she meets you and learns you're OK, she warms up quickly and her goofy personality comes out. She loves to play, play, play! Lana's light hearted and happy. Lana does prefer women over men. Lana has never had anything bad happen to her, but she is a bit under-socialized because Lana lived with a little old lady her entire life. She is impeccably house trained and crate trained. walks okay on leash, gets along with all other dogs, and gets along fine with cats. Lana needs to go to a quieter home. Adoption Fee: $150