Kris Schnobrich


My name is Kris Schnobrich and I would like to take a few moments of your time to tell you why I founded the Rocky Mountain German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue.

Many years ago I bred my first and last litter of purebred GSP puppies. I had an exceptionally well-bred GSP that I knew would pass many of her outstanding qualities onto her puppies. As the puppies left for their new life at their new homes, I got to wonder - and worry – what would become of these puppies should they be taken to a shelter? The purchase agreement had the statement in it that should anything happen that the new owner no longer wanted the pup, that the pup was to be returned to me, the breeder. Well, we all know folks are folks and I just had that feeling. So I kept tabs on all the pups and watched the local shelters. In doing so I found many GSPs popping up in shelters here and there. And I would like to add that all my pups (now 11 years young) are still with their original owner! Yay! Sadly, I lost their mother to cancer and kidney failure three and a half years ago.

I then researched how the rescue groups worked and contacted the Parent Club and asked questions of the rescue chapter of the club how rescue worked and how to save these magnificent dogs from euthanasia. That was eleven years ago and my rescue has grown from placing as few as 20 dogs per year to well over 100 dogs adopted out annually.

The rescue network has grown over the years, as well. I now have rescue contacts in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and New Mexico. With the recent economic downturn, it is causing many more dogs being dropped off at shelters or being picked up as strays than ever before. So many more dogs are now in need more than ever before. Shelters across the country are jam packed with dogs needing to find a new home. GSPs are in those numbers.